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Christopher Matthews Publishing and Soul Fire Press
are now imprints of First Steps Publishing.

At CMP we like to bring books by new authors to readers seeking a great read and a chance to discover tomorrow’s best-selling writer. In today’s crank-em-out-yourself publishing world there are a lot of books that otherwise would not see the light of day. Many should arguably never see the light of day. However, it is often the case that a writer has decided to self-publish because he has not been able to find a publisher or agent willing to take a chance on him, not because the writing is poor. CMP and its Young Adult / New Adult imprint, Soul Fire Press, exist to give those writers a chance to have their work edited and designed professionally and distributed on and offline worldwide.

Author Run / Author Friendly 

A hybrid publisher helping new writers get published 

Writing a book you want to see published?  We know the quality and services you as an author want from a publisher and what the publisher wants from an author. We are looking for high caliber writing by new, undiscovered and talented authors. We know first-hand how difficult it is to find a publisher or an agent who will at least give your work serious consideration.  We also realize how confusing it can be to understand the business side of publishing, how hard it is to craft a book cover and interior design that looks professional rather than self-published. 

Due to our size and reputation, we are selective in the books we choose to publish. 

Deer Falls, Vol.1
Samantha Lady

Three teens face overwhelming obstacles—a murdered twin, an abusive, alcoholic father, and a deep hatred that defines a life.

The Key, the Outlaw, and the Treasure
Carrie Merrill

When 16-year-old Anna Holloway learns more about her father’s murder, she uncovers a series of clues leading to an ancient buried treasure. But now she must outrun a band of outlaws who would kill to get to it first. Their chase leads them across the country from the Old West to the East Coast. NOTE: This is a revision of Carrie Merrill’s Secret of the Hooked X which has been slightly revised.

New and Recent Releases from Christopher Matthews Publishing

The Hunt, Division 53 Book 3 by EM Johnson