Testimonials from our Authors

CMPheadsofstateMartin“I know what it’s like to have a story inside me and want more than anything to have it published. Those of us who are writers want our work to come to fruition. As a first-time author, I wondered whether or not my work would ever be given a chance for a life of its own. I am so grateful to find a publishing house like Christopher Matthews Publishing and work with an amazing writer and publisher, Jeremy Soldevilla, who was willing to take a chance on my comedic, spiritual memoir. Not only did I get to check “being published” off my bucket list, I was fortunate enough to share this journey with Jeremy, who is one of the most trustworthy men in the publishing industry. Time and again, he has proven his integrity—this man tells the truth always. He cares about his writers professionally and personally, and it matters to him that they are as successful as they can be. Between Jeremy and Armen Kojoyian, whose brilliant cover designs are award-winning and world-renowned, authors can feel completely confident in putting their work and their careers in the very capable hands of Christopher Matthews Publishing.”

Daisy Rain Martin

“I self-published my first book.  From that experience, I would not recommend anyone self-publish a book they wish to sell in retail stores. When I finished the manuscript for my new book The Yankees Had Something To Do With It I opted to find a traditional publisher. I sent out numerous query letters to literary agents and publishers, only to have a pile of rejection letters pile up. All new authors know this experience. I came across Christopher Matthews Publishing investigating publishers online. I sent a query letter and a portion of the manuscript that was required. Soon, I received notice they would be glad to publish my book. What a thrill. There is an up-front cost, which had me a bit leery, so I asked numerous questions to the editor. Jeremy answered each question and explained the difference between Christopher Matthews, a hybrid publisher, and self-published books. This sold me.  I can say the experience has been better than I could have imagined.  Jeremy has also gone to bat for me, helping get this book looked at by the Gettysburg visitor center to possibly be sold at that venue.Jeremy has been there answering each e-Mail and keeping me abreast of how things stand. His forty years of experience in the book industry is a boon to any new author.”

Kerry Hotaling
The Yankees Had Something To Do With It

“Jeremy has been the publisher of five of my historical novels, which have enjoyed excellent reviews and reasonably good sales in the commercial market. He has proved to be all a writer could ask or expect of his publisher in all aspects of the publishing chore.”

Edward Louis Henry

Backbone of the World of the World, Free Men, Shinin’Times, Glory Days Gone Under, Poredevil’s Beaver Tales

“So often, people in every walk of life talk about performance and then not meet expectations. You’re doing the exact opposite.  I’m floored.”
Gerry Poulin
Silver Lake

CMPheadsofstateFS_AK-for-website-0808111“Before my contact with Christopher Matthews Publishing, was but a dream tucked inside my imagination. Publisher Jeremy Soldevilla put Daggers in print, with style. Thank you, Jeremy and CMP staff. You did ‘mega good!’ “

Dr. Frank Seitz,
A Thousand Daggers  and The Collar: A Musical

CMPheadsofstateSmith“Jeremy Soldevilla and Christopher Matthews Publishing understand what it takes to get an author’s work to his readers. From editing to production, the team at CMP makes it happen. My cover is a highly professional collaboration, as is the book itself. Soldevilla works personally with his authors. In my case, he took many hours to hand-design a map of my travels. Sadly, he cut out some of the steamiest sex scenes ever written; but, in the end, even I had to admit he was right. What’s great is you can get him on the phone! My guess is this can’t last long as the publishing house is on its way to making a big name for itself and its authors. Soldevilla is a marvelous writer as well as writing coach. He sends e-mails to his authors addressed, “Dear Team.” I feel very fortunate to be working with these people.”

Mark Paul Smith,
The Hitchhike

CMPheadsofstateHigbie“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Christopher Matthews Publishing.  It has resulted in a very professional looking edition with a cover that reflects the content of the novel and page layout that is easy to read.  In addition, the company’s thorough attention caught many errors that I had missed.  I highly recommend the company as a competent partner.”

 William Higbie,
The Winter of the Iron Bow

“. . . my deepest gratitude to Jeremy Soldevilla and Christopher Matthews Publishing. They took a chance with my debut novel and treated me as a person, not a bunch of dollar signs. Jeremy gave lie to the notion “fear the editor,” with his kind advice and ever-ready compliments— never once using a red pen or raised voice.”

 B.R. Keegstra,
The Moon Shines For All

“Christopher Matthews Publishing helped make my dream of becoming a published author come true.  They understood how important Sapphire was to me, and worked hard to get it ready for publication. Without them, my novel wouldn’t look as fantastic as it does now! Christopher Matthews Publishing really is author friendly, and I am grateful for the chance to work with them.”

Sarah Fay Olson,

CMPheadsofstateChristi“Quite simply Jeremy Soldevilla and Christopher Mathews Publishing changed my life. I have spent literally thousands of hours writing and submitting my work. Everyone who has dared break into the business of getting published has felt the sting of rejection and the frustration of dead-end correspondence. Jeremy looked at my first novel, helped edit, and accepted it for publication. A dream-come-true for me.

In my opinion and in regard to comments I have received from readers, my book looks as professional as any on the market. The cover is a hit with everyone who sees it and many people have told me they bought the book specifically because they were drawn to the cover.

Jeremy has always been open and available. With every contact I’ve had, he made me feel as if my business was the most important thing he could have been doing. His experiences as a writer, editor and publisher have made Jeremy an invaluable collaborator and great coach and mentor. Jeremy helped elevate the quality of my book and I am a better writer for being part of the Christopher Matthews family.”

Doug Christi,
The Conjurer

Sarkady Headshot“I have to say, Jeremy, you have handled me and the effort to publish my two books in a most wonderful, professional way. My experience with you has been nothing short of the best I could imagine. Thank you!”

Andrew Sarkady,
Ever-Life: The C.P.T. Incident and Ever-Life: Time Trust

My publisher and editor, Jeremy Soldevilla was very patient with me and extremely helpful at every step of the creative process. His progressive thinking and his spot-on creativity were remarkable. He is a true professional.

Daniel DeNapoli,
The Bronx Kid

“Ihe man that does your covers is a wizard wrapped in pure genius!!!”

Lynn Steigleder
Rising Tide, Eden’s WakeTerminal Core


045“A debt of gratitude to Jeremy Soldevilla for critically, yet patiently navigating through my manuscript with grave care and attention to detail. Also, for making the tedious process of publishing so easy, relaxing and fun. Jeremy saw through the soul of my manuscript and believed in it, long before turning it into a book. Christopher Matthews Publishing took in a writer, holding her very first manuscript, and taught her to be an author through this journey. I can talk to Jeremy about anything and he will always be there. At the end of the day, I’m a published author, my book is circulating worldwide, and I’ve found a great friend in Jeremy . . . I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Delilah Alvares
The Maze: Dark Shadows

“Christopher Matthews Publishing and Soul Fire Press have done a fantastic job getting my first book published. Jeremy went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I understood and was happy during each step of the process. They did a fantastic job on the cover! It depicts my characters perfectly, and I could not be more pleased. He has given me advice on the marketing end to gain more exposure. Their professionalism, patience, kindness and talent guarantee my next book will be published through them. Thank you again, Jeremy. A job well done!”

Samantha Lady
Deer Falls