Relentless criminals, egotistical knights, reopened scars and cooking. Malkarai’s life will always be difficult.

The Haven

A Division 53 Novel

by E.M. Johnson

Volume 2 of the Division 53 Series. Division 53 of Homeland security deals with the worst criminals in a fragmented, dark U.S. Its members are strong and smart, and their opinions of the system they belong to vary widely. Some couldn’t live without the system, and others would rather be dead than endure it. Peace comes at a cost, and Malkarai is willing to pay it. In return, he’s been able to stay with his friends in a new haven. However, he cannot pretend that his life as an agent never happened. He’s not allowed to be a regular citizen and finds himself entangled with knight problems, criminals, and facing issues from his past. Despite the hardships, he still believes it’s working out for the best – at least until two lawless vigilantes show up in Cavington, looking for him.

ISBN 978-1-945146-51-0 • 6 x 9  paperback • 408 pgs • $23.95

E.M. Johnson has been writing since she was in grade school. She enjoys fantasy, science fiction, the supernatural, the wilderness, history, action, adventure, organic romance, and adores stories that combine a little bit of all these elements. She lives in Iowa with her husband, daughters, and their jumpy rabbit.