Witchcraft, magic, romance and the Angel of Death

The Conjurer

by Doug Christi

Marshal Cameron Piquet is the Justice Department’s best. To stop a serial killer nicknamed The Exterminator, he is partnered with long-time rival, FBI Special Agent Kevin Riddick. The case becomes a race against time when Piquet discovers that the killer is the Angel of Death summoned by a powerful conjurer who wants him dead. Enlisting the aid of Doctor Marion Fullbright, an abrasive forensic genius and Sarah Gilliard, a beautiful psychic, Marshal Piquet must come to terms with his troubled past and break the fiendish spell before the Exterminator sends him to his grave.

ISBN 978-0-9852431-4-2 • 6 x 9 paperback • 300 pgs • $12.95

theConjurerFinal“I found that I couldn’t put this book down until I got to the end!”—J. Hudiburgh

“I enjoyed the book tremendously with all of the twists in the story line I look forward to the sequel.”—Michelle Corbin MD

” I couldn’t put the novel down once I started reading it. The topographic representation of Montana is “spot on”. The story was set in a fictional city in Montana. This novel is action packed and fast moving. It is suspenseful and really draws in the readers attention fast. Job well done! I can’t wait for the next novel!”—Rick

“A very suspense filled hard to guess story that was riveting to the very end. Really enjoyed the book. Congratulations to Mr. Christie on an outstanding novel that ranks with some of the best novels I have read from today’s greats. I am ready for the next one!—Mike

“…a book that flows well, has a catching story line, and keeps one’s attention to the end. His characters are believable and realistic, unlike many thrillers that have superhero types. It is a good read that leaves you waiting for his next book.”—Brekk Macpherson

“This novel has it all: a detective story woven through a labyrinth of fantasy, horror and psychic phenomena.
Christi’s storytelling kept me engrossed from the outset. His likable protagonist, Cameron Piquet cruises through the story in a red `65 Mustang convertible, pursued not only by beautiful women, but also by the `Angel of Death.’ The characters we meet in the story are enthralling and the imagery is highly imaginative–Wiccan magic spells, supernatural visions and tender love scenes.—Marco Lobo, author of The Witch Hunter’s Amulet