A priest is torn between his love of a woman and his love of the church.

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The Collar: A Musical

by Frank Seitz and Eric Funk

Based on the novel by the same name, The Collar: A Musical submerges you into the passions of a collared man in love. It is a story about a priest’s fractured love for two women: Angela and the Holy Mother Church. Father Christopher is a man in love and torn between the human and the divine. In the midst of his priestly counseling duties, he is hopelessly drawn into a love affair with Angela, a woman who is hurt and suffering in an unhappy marriage. She is drawn to the caring, concern and innocence she sees in Father Chris. At the same time, he is tapped to become the new bishop. Glory and ghosts from his past haunt him as he searches for his God in the profound and the profane. This touching story is framed by the lilting and magical music of composer Eric Funk, who guides you as you walk with a passionate but prayerful priest who flounders in moral shades of grey. A CD of the soundtrack is also available.

ISBN 978-0-9833164-1-1 • 6 x 9 paperback • 174 pgs • $14.95

TheCollarFinal LARGE“Compulsory reading! A compelling account of love’s power over the mortal man…Characters come alive…what internal turmoil and anguish — all that inner tension swirling and deepening.”
— Jack Driscoll, author of Stardog, How Like An Angel, and Luck