A sci-fi western with aliens, cowboys and crazy characters galore!

Terminal Core

by Lynn Steigleder

Aon, a solid core planet made from the priceless and most dense element in the galaxy, caladium, is under silent attack. Plans are made by off-worlders to dissolve the unbreakable core using crude oil obtained from 19th-century earth. Once the oil is refined, the byproduct, gasoline, will soften the caladium, allowing it to be collected. It is soon discovered the core is made from living beings created from caladium itself. The off-worlders employ a band of corrupt inhabitants to carry on this work. They find themselves in a constant struggle with a small coalition of Aonians bent on saving their home world. Both factions clash with the indestructible core creatures. With horrendous beasts one step behind and deadly pitfalls ahead, the coalition struggles to finish its journey, hoping to ensure their race’s survival.

ISBN 978-1-938985-97-3 • 6 x 9 paperback • 356 pgs • $17.95

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“This was definitely one of those outside the box books. The plot was very creative, which is a nice change from the same old boring stuff a lot of authors recycle over and over again. If you are looking for something new, I would highly recommend this book!” —Brittany, Goodreads.com Review

About the author

steigheadLynn Steigleder Lynn Kevin Steigleder was born in Richmond, Virginia. He spent most of his young adult life as a supervisor in the field of construction and fabrication. During a fishing trip, his son suggested that he consider writing as a career, having enjoyed short stories written by his father in years past. Lynn agreed to the challenge and his first novel, Rising Tide, was accepted for publication. Lynn has continued to work on the Rising Tide Series. Eden’s Wake is the second book in the series and Deadly Reign, is the third, with a fourth in the draft stage close to completion. Terminal Core is a stand-alone science fiction novel.

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