When you go through hell, sometimes the best way to survive is with your best friend by your side. 

Second Chances
Jeremy Soldevilla

Nineteen-year-old Gabriel Turner excels at training pit bulls for illegal fights. When he runs into trouble with the law, he is given an ultimatum to either go to jail or join the military. He opts for the Army where he straightens out and serves as a handler of a bomb-sniffing dog he names Samuel L. Jackson. The two have each other’s back through terrible situations in war-torn Afghanistan. A brutal RPG explosion changes everything. The book shines a spotlight on the brave service of military working dogs and what they experience, an issue few people are familiar with, as well as tackling the debilitating aspects of PTSD, opioid addiction and suicide.
A percentage of the profits from this book will be donated to various military working dog associations as well as the Wounded Warrior Project.

ISBN 978-1-945146-41-1 • 5.5 x 8.5  paperback • 266 pgs • $17.95

About the author


After a career as a Boston publisher, Jeremy Soldevilla moved to Montana where he owned and operated a bed and breakfast in Bozeman, where, between making beds and breakfasts, skiing and fishing, he began writing novels. The inspiration for much of his writing comes from the dramatic and majestic landscape of Montana. He currently lives and writes in Boston, Massachusetts. His books include Second ChancesThief Creek and Murder in the Mountains.

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“… a poignant, gripping and sometimes heart-breaking book that explores themes of PTSD, addiction, and depression in the most sensitive and informative of ways, courtesy of Jeremy Soldevilla, the exceptional author of this must-read novel.  . . . Not only is Second Chances a touching story about an emotional journey but it is also highly thrilling and will manage to captivate and entertain its readers with ease from the very beginning.

Second Chances follows a war veteran on his journey before, during and after the war. During the war, the male protagonist of the story is paired with his own bomb sniffer dog. One day they are both in a tragic accident after they are severely injured by an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade). Both the protagonist and the sniffer dog survive, however, they are separated, across a vast scope of land, and neither one knows that the other is alive. The result is a heartbreaking journey as both the veteran and the military war dog try to navigate their feelings as they both suffer from PTSD.

War changes a person and more often than not somebody who has served will be diagnosed with PTSD, and this topic is explored through the male protagonist of the story, but also through the military war dog. Military war dogs also suffer from PTSD, however, this is not commonly known. It is rare to discover a novel that deals with such a topic, so already I applaud Soldevilla for bringing such an important issue to light and to make readers aware that it is not only humans that are left with scars (both physical and mental) but also military war dogs.

The core theme throughout Second Chances is PTSD; the subject of PTSD is a crucial one and one that needs to be explored in literature so already I have to praise Soldevilla for writing about such an important subject and exploring it throughout his book. Not only does Second Chances deal with PTSD, but it also deals with themes of addiction, depression, and suicide. All of these themes are weaved perfectly throughout the story in sensitive, heartfelt ways that gently informs the reader on these issues.

Although Second Chances is a book with many heart-wrenching moments, it is also an inspirational tale that will warm your heart on many occasions. Soldevilla manages to weave somber themes with uplifting ones in the most flawless of ways, and the result is an emotive but inspiring journey that will have all readers falling in love with the exceptional literature laced throughout this book.

Jeremy Soldevilla is an author whose work is radiant as well as compelling. The words are sensational and will force the reader to feel a host of different emotions; feelings such as hope, sadness, and excitement will all be prominent feelings the reader experiences . . . Soldevilla is not only incredible at evoking emotions in his readers, but also placing the reader in the thick of the story and including them on the memorable journey. Soldevilla manages to do this with his descriptive language, which perfectly describes the harsh landscape of Afghanistan as well as the streets of San Antonio.

Overall Second Chances is an incredibly moving and gripping story that will take its readers on a memorable journey through PTSD, addiction, homelessness, as well as hope. The result of all these themes combined is a story that readers should not miss, and so, I have no choice but to award Second Chances five stars.” Aimee Ann at Red Headed Book Lover Blog