18 years after they commit a heinous crime, the men find themselves the target of a serial killer

by Patrick Douglas

One of the most heinous crimes ever to go unpunished in Colorado’s history has remained a mystery for nearly 20 years. Only those who committed the rape and murder on that fateful evening on October of 1983 carry its burden. It’s been 18 years since it happened and while some of the criminals have gone on to enjoy enormous success, there are those who live petty lives, shrouded in grief and guilt. Someone knows about their crimes and when the men become the target of a serial killer, it’s up to one gruff detective to redeem the victims and reveal their secrets.
Then she meets Jason, a man with a troubled past who also brings the promise of a normal life, and his offer may be too good to let go.

ISBN 978-1-938985-94-2 • 6 x 9 paperback • 235 pgs • $16.95

About the author

CMPheadsofstateDouglasPatrick E. Douglas lives in Montana with his wife Jessica and their two sons Marky and Jack. Douglas, a journalist since 1994, has written for numerous magazines and newspapers across the country. A movie critic who has watched thousands of films, Douglas initially began writing novels as a way of getting the original stories in his brain onto paper. A non-fiction junkie, Douglas occasionally finds inspiration in fiction books from authors such as Chuck Palahniuk and Thomas Harris. He is also the author of several other books including Niobrara’s Thorn, Redeem, Game Seven and Frankie Funder.

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RedeemI just finished reading this book..IT WAS BEYOND AWESOME…the up and down “thrills” of this book made it so hard NOT to read it in 1 day.. A ” DEFINITE WHO DONE IT ” book..shocking twists and turns.. If you dont have it and read it… YOU NEED TO.. as you WILL NOT be disappointed”Kim Boykn

“The best way to follow up a twisted story is to make one even more obscene.

Redeem, the second novel by author Patrick E. Douglas, lets readers off of the adrenaline filled thrill ride of his first novel, Game Seven, only to give them an exciting new twist to the psychological who-done-it in a story that that spans nearly two decades.

The story begins in Fort Collins, Colorado in the early 1980s. Richard Tark is a young man battling personal demons: one minute he is calm and hopeful, the next he lives his life in a blind rage he cannot control. The 1983 school year starts strong for Richard when, on his way to the first day of class, he meets lovely Andrea, who just moved from a tiny Montana town. The other shoe drops rather quickly, though, as three testosterone-riddled jocks who have tormented Tark much of his life toss him into the school’s fountain.

Such is the life of Richard Tark until he is befriended by the ultra-popular Willie Becker, a senior who makes it his purpose to help Richard assimilate into the more “normal” social echelons of high school. Willie shows him how to get high, kick ass, and ultimately how to work out a plan to land his small-town Montana dream girl. That is where the lives of seven Colorado teenagers change forever.

Willie’s plan involves taking Richard, Andrea, her friend Alexis and the three bullying jocks on a camping trip. Richard, obviously concerned about spending time with the three creeps who continually harass him, accepts the plan as a chance to get close to Andrea. A night filled with good (if a bit immoral) intentions ends with a pact of secrecy among the five boys after the gruesome loss of Andrea and Alexis.
Forward 18 years; the pact is still in place and the crime and its criminals have gone completely unpunished. The five boys who committed the horrible wrongs are now adults with levels of success ranging from that of an all-star NFL quarterback to that of jobless , lonely shells of human beings. The crimes of the past seem to have been forgotten by everyone except those who were there until a body, identified as one of the five, is found horrifically disfigured outside of Denver.

Now a curt, bad-tempered detective named Russell is charged with solving this nearly two decade old murder. As he uncovers clues, the killer strikes again and again as the five Fort Collins boys, now men, are murdered in ways each more ghastly than the last. Who knows about the transgressions of these five men? Can the detective stop the killer in time?

Douglas set out to write a murder mystery when putting pen to paper for Redeem. He didn’t want it to be another cookie cutter novel, however, and decided to delve more deeply into the mentality of the killer. “I always felt like serial killer stories held back the graphic nature of what actually happened to the victims. I actually found the film ‘Seven,’ inspirational from that perspective. I thought someone was finally able to show what kinds of twisted things a serial killer could do, instead of just saying someone was murdered or found dead,” Douglas shares.

The characters and experiences in Redeem are wonderfully developed by Douglas, a Montana resident who went to high school in Colorado, “Every year from ninth grade to my senior year, we had a suicide,” says Douglas. “We were told by counselors that northern Colorado had the highest suicide rate per capita in our age group in the nation and they were trying to figure out why. Education, for many, was an afterthought to the social cliques that ruled the region. My book just illustrates a fictional account of the out of control and potentially volatile environment I saw in school. I tried to feature the shy and withdrawn types, the confident and powerful athletes, a couple of girls on opposite ends of the spectrum and a guy who sort of bridged the gap between them all. I knew a lot of people who fit these types of personalities in school.”

Reedem offers a great story with recognizable characters who will make readers smile, cringe, and even blush. The tale takes twists and turns throughout that makes the book hard to put down. Douglas’s second novel leaves readers satisfied, but also a bit disturbed in the way only a great thriller or horror story can.”—Ryan Acra, Pulse Books

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