How much does it cost to publish my book?

There are many functions that go into publishing a book—editing, interior design, distribution, formatting, marketing, cover production, etc.  You might consider taking on some of these functions yourself, however, the learning curve and ability to achieve the quality of a publishing professional can be major obstacles to a book’s success and your ultimate satisfaction. You have given months, maybe years to write your manuscript; shouldn’t you give it the best chance to be seen, appreciated and respected?

Costs for these activities vary widely from publisher to publisher, as does the quality. We understand that writers’ resources are often limited and that there are no guarantees of the financial success of a book. We, therefore, keep our service fee extremely reasonable so you can afford to get the most professionally produced book possible at the fairest price. Most publishers do not post their fees because they want to rope you in and then charge you various charge for this and that. We have one set fee with no additional costs that we are up-front about.

Following is a comparison of the various charges that you will find other companies or free-lancers charging versus our total package fee.