Hilarious—Bigfoot, Swedish blonde aliens and a town of crazy characters

Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like A Bigfoot Babe

by Simon Okill

The Northern California town of Big Beaver has become a haven for Bigfoot, alien sightings and is home to The Phantom Bigfoot Bather. It’s a town full of lovable misfits and crazies in search of the illusive Bigfoot and a forest full of Bigfoot girls who just wanna have fun. One particularly weird Beaverite, Duane, has kept the Bigfoot a secret, but to his utter dismay, a female Bigfoot abducts a teenager. Duane must use all his guile to stop his secret from getting out, especially now that MB, his close friend and crypto-zoologist, is on the trail, along with Sheriff Lou and the FBI. Can Duane keep his Bigfoot friends a secret? And what does MB discover deep in the forest?

ISBN 978-1-938985-03-4 • 5.5 x 8.5 paperback • 292 pgs • $15.95

About the author

Voted number 1 Goodread’s British Fantasy Author!

Simon Okill turned to writing as therapy after a disability forced him into early retirement. He has written a number of novels and screenplays. He lives with his wife, Shirlee Anne and their cat, in a pretty coastal town in South Wales, UK. 




” . . . a wacky yet warm rural town in Northern California, Big Beaver, introduces us to characters most readers are unlikely to forget. Unable to figure out what would happen next, I found myself reading and reading without any thought of anything else. My favorite character was Duane, of course. His antics made me laugh out loud, and I found myself hoping he might … clean up? The writing is strong, enough to let me picture much of the scenery with ease. I could even relate to the Big Foot Babes and their fun-loving acrobatics throughout the forest. When young Olaaa anxiously waits to be of age, in the grips of confusion and mood swings brought on by adolescence, she reminds me of a human young woman, only her support network is just as confused and so her loneliness becomes palpable. In other words, Okill’s writing skills literally brought the legendary Big Foot to life.”—Joss Landry

 What a funny book, so glad I found this!” — Fantacia1

“‘. . . a highly entertaining and original read. I usually have a hard time with ‘quirky’ but this was so well done I enjoyed all the oddball characters and the general scenario. Simon Okill is a wonderful writer. His dialogue is sharp and hilarious. I read this book in a few days and it was a lot of fun! I look forward to discovering more gems from this talented author.”Damian Stevenson, author of ‘The Ian Fleming Files… and several other books

“A movie waiting to happen! . . . One thing that struck me as soon as I started reading Simon Okill’s new novel was how much it felt like a film. From the establishing of the setting (`Big Beaver’) and the characters . . .in the first few pages you feel as if you’d walked into Big Beaver and are an observer made sense when I read that Mr Okill had written a number of scripts. He has a knack for it, that’s for sure. You have a mysteriously disappeared youth, bizarre crimes, FBI investigating team  and some set pieces you’ll never forget (alien abduction by Swedish looking and lusty aliens from the planet Abba). And of course, you have the Bigfoot. Although narrated in the third person this is an omniscient narrator who gets in the heads of all character, including the Bigfoot. If the human characters keep defeating your expectations, the Bigfoot are  completely unexpected. Loveable and horny, civilized and wild. If you like raunchy comedies, don’t mind adult content and long to submerge yourself in an unexpected world you’ll feel right at home in Nobody Loves a Bigfoot.  If you fancy that image and like cracking endings, what are you waiting for? Go on and buy the book!” —Olga NM,  Amazon reviewer

“An excellent book for the crypto z0ology lover. It was a great fascination of mine during my teenage years, and this book brought back all those same memories with a touch of humor and mystery. A great read if you like the genre or are looking for something different to read. —Owen Sage

OUTRAGEOUS AND HILARIOUS. . . The plot rattles along from outrageous events to uproarious japes to bouts of hot passion. This is a book whose hilarious twists and turns will keep you mesmerized. Check it out. —Alan Hardy

“A rollicking ride! 5 Stars!” —Rosary McQuestion

“Too funny. Well worth the time to read this entertaining tale. A real treasure in my reading library. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. — R. Crochet

“part comedy, part mystery, part whodunit novel, that despite laughing at the title, I really enjoyed. I found that once I got into the book I could not put it down..a story that at times seemed a little bizarre, yet at those time I would literally break out laughing. There were plenty of twist and unexpected turns which kept you glued to the story. — L. Gray

Interview with Simon Okill

From an Interview with Simon Okill on Author Quiz:

“Where did the inspiration for Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like a Bigfoot Babe come from?
My inspiration for Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like a Bigfoot Babe came to me during a particularly vivid dream after watching a Twin Peaks episode followed by the film Super Troopers – not recommended. Most of all I am dismayed by the amount of terrible B-movies depicting Bigfoot as a ferocious cannibalistic monster. I thought, why not portray him as a sweet-natured kinda guy?”

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