Tracking  a mysterious mountain man to avenge his sister-in-law’s murder

Murder in the Mountains

by Jeremy Soldevilla

Katie Cathcart’s gruesome murder in the remote Crazy Mountains of Montana points at an eccentric modern day mountain man, Bridger Jackson, living in a hidden cave away from society. Ignoring the sheriff’s warnings and bent on revenge for his sister-in-law’s death, JJ Volker grabs his gun and goes tracking Jackson’s trail in hopes of not only avenging Kaitie’s death but of reestablishing the love of his wife. His expert tracking techniques make him the only man likely to be able to locate the mountain man from whom he learned those techniques, Bridger Jackson. But is he on the right trail to find either?

ISBN 978-1-938985-05-8 • 5.5 x 8.5 paperback • 326 pgs. • $14.95

MrdrInMtnsFinal“Soldevilla has created another wonderful page turner. The characters are unique and the action is compelling. I could not put this book down. It’s got big game poaching, investigative journalism and mountain man lore all rolled into one marvelous story. The subplots go back generations into his characters’ history and resolve their deepest frustrations and insecurities. Soldevilla understands people and what makes them tick. You will learn something about yourself from this read.”—Mark Paul Smith, author, The Hitchhike

“Soldevilla certainly knows how to tell a story. A fast-paced interesting plot line, a good mix of characters and unexpected developments keep the pages turning. His knowledge of and affection for Montana and its people add to the allure. Recommended for anyone wanting a well-written, well-told tale of adventure in a place few of us will get to see.”—Skraeling

“Excellent characters with intriguingly complex main characters. A fast-paced plot with fast-paced visual description and clues. Another Jeremy Soldevilla heart-thumping page-turner to solve this gruesome murder of a beautiful vivacious young woman! Mr. Soldevilla — keep ’em coming!”—P. Beckerman

“Jeremy Soldevilla has done it again with his book, Murder in the Mountains. He makes his characters so familiar that you relate and care about them. You worry about them. You are sympathetic towards them. You hate them. You love them. He describes the scene so well that you can see and smell it. Such a great read that you’ll be hungering for more!!—L. Schumacher