The End of Days has arrived!


Book 4 of the Angel Blade Series
by Carrie Merrill

Nikka, Gideon and Amy have gone into hiding, protected from Lucifer’s army as well as the angels that wish to find them. But when they are discovered by a rogue demon and Nikka’s baby is in danger, the devil begins the final steps toward the end of days and the last apocalypse. Nikka must find and release the Harbingers — four angels lost in captivity at the beginning of time – in order to stop Lucifer from destroying the world. This is the exciting 4th book in the Angel Blade Series

ISBN 978-1-945146-53-4 • 6 x 9  paperback • 300 pgs • $18.95

When she isn’t delivering babies, Carrie Merrill is a prolific writer who has been putting pen to paper since the age of 8 when she wrote her first story about a dragon that lived in a cave across the river from her house in Idaho. A day has not gone by since that time when she didn’t have a story floating around in her head. She is currently a full-time OB/GYN in the Rocky Mountains and lives with her six rescue cats when she isn’t writing about the things that lurk in the dark. She is the author of the popular Angel Blade Series.