The final days of the great Rocky Mountain Fur Trade.
Volume IV of the Temple Buck Quartet

Glory Days Gone Under

by Edward Louis Henry

The fourth and final volume of the Temple Buck Quartet describes the final years of the American Rocky Mountain fur trade through the eyes and in the words of Temple Buck and his trapper comrades as they continue their determined quest of beaver through the uncharted wilderness of the Rockies through forbidding western deserts to the Pacific Ocean in Spanish California and back again, harvesting on the way not only beaver pelts but a host of fresh adventures, new friendships, romance, and, at last, an unwelcome education in conservation, marketing, and gentlemen’s fashion. Temple tells this true-to-life tale with homespun humor, matter-of-fact acceptance of high times and hardship, and the mountaineer’s abiding confidence that tomorrow will be better if you make it so.

ISBN 978–1-938985-19-5 • 6 x 9 paperback • 692 pgs • $38.95

CMPheadsofstatePD_AK-for-website-0808111Edward Louis Henry has been a cowhand, saddle bronc rodeo rider, WWII infantry sergeant, reporter, U.S. Foreign Service officer and speechwriter, plus has spent 30 years in advertising. A lifelong horseman and outdoorsman, Henry is active in mountain man rendezvous where he is known by his mountain man moniker, Poredevil. Western history is his passion. His extensive research adds a strong dose of authenticity to his books. He is a member of Western Writers of America and the author of the Temple Buck Quartet and Poredevil’s Beaver Tales