Book 3 in the exciting fantasy adventure series, The Rising Tide!

Deadly Reign
Book 3 in the Rising Tide Series

by Lynn Steigleder

In this, the third book in the Rising Tide Series, Ben, Eve and Pete continue to push through this new Earth as the world sinks deeper into corruption. They gain new allies, including an intellectual animal equipped with the gift of speech. They are forced to battle six aberrations (beasts and riders) deemed nearly indestructible. The environment has manifested into a frigid terrain with the sun lost in the ice-filled cloud cover. Swords forged specially for the riders by the riders offer another layer of defense to an already superior force. The humans have deduced that water may possibly be a weapon, but a weapon that even now is freezing at an accelerated rate.

ISBN 978-1-945146-18-3 • 6 x 9 paperback • 270 pgs. • $16.95

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About the author

steigheadLynn Steigleder Lynn Kevin Steigleder was born in Richmond, Virginia. He spent most of his young adult life as a supervisor in the field of construction and fabrication. During a fishing trip, his son suggested that he consider writing as a career, having enjoyed short stories written by his father in years past. Lynn agreed to the challenge and his first novel, Rising Tide, was accepted for publication. Lynn has continued to work on the Rising Tide Series. Eden’s Wake is the second book in the series and Deadly Reign, is the third, with a fourth in the draft stage close to completion. Terminal Core is a stand-alone science fiction novel.

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