A historical novel and love story of King Philip’s New England war to drive the colonists out of America.

Until I Have No Country

by Michael J. Tougias

Wampanoag warrior Tamoset has joined the great tribal leader Philip (Metacom) in a war to drive the colonists out of New England. He leaves his wife and child to fulfill his tribal duty on the warpath, which changes his life forever.
Quinna, a beautiful Nipmuck woman, watches as Tamoset’s sacrifices and sees the changes he undergoes as the war rages on. She is independent and strong-willed, following a path of her own as her world is turned upside down.
Colonist John Homer fights to protect the farm he has carved out of the wilderness. Through a twist of fate his life collides with Tamoset’s and Quinna’s with consequences no one can foresee.
A historical thriller and love story, with dramatic re-creation of terrible battles, Until I Have No Country is a sweeping novel of King Philip’s Indian War. True to historical facts this is a unique tale of war’s casualties and personal sacrifices. Tamoset’s journey is both unforgettable and inspiring.

ISBN 978–1-938985-32-4 • 5.5 x 8.5 paperback • 258 pgs • $16.95

UntilIHavNoCntry“Tougias brings history to life. He has drawn in beauty and put it on paper” —The Boston Globe
CCCCC “Skillfully weaves history, romance and intrigue.” —The Spectator
CCCCC “A very easy read. Helps to put the unfortunate war between the native peoples and the English colonists into better perspective. I highly recommend reading this as well as Tougias’ book about King Philip’s War and Mary Rowlandson’s account of her many months in captivity. Contrary to what I learned growing up, the genocide of the American Indian started in Massachusetts NOT out in the American West.” —Amazon Reviewer

CCCCC “I found myself totally caught up in a delightful and compelling cast of characters embroiled in a wickedly original story line with so many twists, turns and tangles that I couldn’t put the book down. It was an epic read; one that I would recommend to anyone who has any interest at all in the human condition, clinical and forensic psychology, the Vietnam conflict, or the first and second Gulf Wars. Its backdrop is the emotional wound and the excruciating recovery of people deeply scarred by awful events both in combat and at home. It is a story of redemption; of salvation, of heroes being heroes again.”—Colonel Thomas E. Diamond, USAF (Ret)

CCCC A vivid portrayal of the doomed war to oust the new Colonies
“A historical novel with the emphasis on history. Mike Tougias brings to life our first great Indian war by following the actions of two protagonists: One is “King Philip’s” most trusted warrior and friend, the other a colonist from outlying Medfield, Mass. The scene is 50 years after Massasoit welcomed the Pilgrims to Plymouth, when his son Metacom (known to the colonists as Philip) instigates a last ditch war to oust the English colonists. The novel is adept at illuminating the way of life of the Wompanoags and other Algonquin tribes of Southern New England, and illustrates the difficulty of the task they felt compelled to undertake. Historical accuracy is Tougias’ watchword, but he still manages to turn out a fast-paced compelling story. Although the author is more naturalist than novelist, it is hard to tell here as the characters, especially the Wompanoag ones, gain a depth throughout the story.”— Amazon Reviewer

CCCCC “The author has captured all the nuances of the people, politics, illness, grit and determination that flowed through our psychiatric experiences. He shows the overly analytic approach that we thought was helpful…and it was not. He projects a truly genuine love of our veterans and their struggles.”H. Eugene Evans, Ph.D.Reviews

CCCCC “Love this book. I could see a film being made out of it. A fast read. It’s a love story, a war, and about revenge. It also gives accounts on both sides of the war. The Natives and the English.” —Amazon Reviewer
“Tougias captures the essence of the Native American.”—Edith Andrews, former commissioner of Indian Affairs for Massachusetts