Anyone will do anything if they are tempted enough or desperate enough.

The Carpenter

by Max Myllan

When Eric James Donovan, a carpenter by trade and former black ops squad leader, distraught from the ravages of the Great Recession, is offered a Faustian bargain, he discovers “anyone will do anything if they are tempted enough or desperate enough.” Eric accepts the deal from a dark figure calling himself a mediator and plans an assassination of a powerful real estate scammer and billionaire. Eric has never failed in any of his missions for his country. His weapon of choice is a powerful neurotoxin, TTX. Eric violates his principles and risks everything to carry out the assignment.
After an introduction to a seductive criminal defense attorney involved in bisexual encounters, murder for profit and underworld clientele, Eric has moments of despair and seeks out counseling by the family priest. Father Tom, a retread with a surreptitious past, knows Eric better than his own father and guides Eric in a disturbing manner for a Father Confessor.
Everything falls into place for Eric to have the opportunity to complete his project. As you learn about Eric and his plight from dealing with death to financial ruin, you sense righteousness. He reluctantly exchanges his convictions for new pleasures.
When informed by the mediator, “Nothing is ever as it seems, nor is it otherwise” we are exposed to the twists, turns and unexpected connections of all of the characters in this dark and edgy tale.
This is the first book in The Blue Collar Assassins Series.

ISBN 978–1-938985-46-1 • 6 x 9 paperback • 253 pgs • $15.95

CCCCC showcase“Eric Donovan is a war veteran who has been struggling to make ends meet—at least until he is recruited for a mysterious Project, assigned by a man known only as the Mediator and ordered by an unknown Architect.

The Project is the murder of a real estate and business mogul, and it turns out that perhaps no one is a better assassin for the job than Eric, given his particular specialization in the Army. However, Eric is spiritually torn by the task he’s taken on, and he turns to an old childhood friend and family priest, Father Tom, for guidance. Eric has 90 days to get close enough to the target to carry out the task—and along the way he will connect with a beautiful (and kinky) woman through social media, make friends in unexpected places, and battle some of his own demons left over from past relationships and the war.

I enjoyed “The Carpenter”—it’s a good blend of suspense and action, with a little humor thrown in as well (for instance, the Project is assigned at the Pink Banana Gentleman’s Club…). I liked the mystery surrounding what Eric did in the army, and how it ties into the plot as his role in “quiet deaths” is slowly revealed. That Eric was conflicted about the job deepens his character—his personal struggle is set up well, and it makes you think about what you would do when offered $1 million to take out someone who is a terrible person and who has more than one enemy who would willingly do the same for free. Father Tom’s motivations also add another interesting layer of mystery to the novel, and the reasons behind them led to a satisfying conclusion for me as a reader.

I would recommend “The Carpenter” to readers who are looking for an entertaining suspense novel that has action but isn’t too graphic, and has likeable characters and a well-executed premise.”—E. Lucas, a TOP 1000 reviewer

“. . . Morally taxing, the novel skillfully leads the reader toward the nail-biting conclusion when the truth is finally revealed and Eric is left reeling. If you enjoy fast-moving, military/crime thrillers with philosophical undertones and momentous revelations, consider The Carpenter a must-read.”—C. Halston

“This is truly edge of your seat page suspense at its best! Cannot wait for the next book! Outstanding character development!”—M. Parkes

“… an unpredictable, ingenious, captivating read!” —S. Pasquariello

“…great suspense. I could have never guessed the outcome.” — R. Pozzi
“A truly well-crafted page turner.We will be reading the rest of series.”— J. Moroscco
“. . . The plot gathers speed as you read it and you find yourself unable to put it down. Engaging, humorous, threatening, fast paced, all these adjectives define this book by Max Myllan. I hope to see more of his works in the future.” — Amazon Review
“Half of the books I buy I don’t finish. It’s not that I don’t like to read, I just don’t want to waste my time reading crappy books. The Carpenter  stands out because of it’s stimulating plot and colorful characters.”—Pierre Angier