A guide for bringing church services to seniors in nursing homes and assisted living centers 

Bringing Church to the Elderly
Reaching the Forgotten Generation with a Message of Hope

by Rev. James E. “Jimmy Mac” McNamara and Lori McNamara

As our aging population increasingly moves into out of home situations, there is a need to bring the church and its message of hope and faith to seniors in assisted living centers and nursing homes who otherwise are not able to attend services. Two of the leading advocates for this important service share an inspiring message and guidelines to both clergy and lay people who may never have thought of being a part of this heartfelt movement. The book walks the reader through the stages of choosing a location, recruiting volunteers, selecting a service format, and deciding on the necessary equipment and supplies that you will need. It discusses some of the special needs of the elderly and how to best provide for those needs. Sermon topics and music selections are also a very critical part of the service that are covered.

ISBN 978-1-938985-87-4-5.5 x 8.5 paperback • 88 pgs • $14.95

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 “A very good guide for ministry to the elderly. It offers some great advice. Anyone who shares the gospel in nursing homes & assisted living homes would be well advised to read this book.”—Amazon Reviewer

“Anyone interested in a ministry to the elderly in an assisted living/nursing home environment would be well advised to use this book as a resource. The authors also have a helpful website with additional resources. Highly recommended.”—Dr. Michael J. Caba

“If I could give this little gem TEN stars, I would! My husband and I serve at a Memory Care center and the tips and tricks in this book are right on target. It is a great instructional but the blessings don’t end there! Peppered throughout are tiny peeks into the hearts of lives that have been touched by those who are willing to reach out. It’s inspiring, encouraging while at the same time instructional.”Snacksizegrl

“This book is a great reminder to take care of what really matters . . . people. Sharing the love of Christ can be intimidating but all fear goes out the door after reading this book. The stories included really inspired my wife and me to get involved with a senior home nearby. It’s been a life-changing experience–for us. If it weren’t for this book, we wouldn’t have discovered the greatest gift of our lives–giving back!”—John Hardcastle

 “This book defines the heart of a truly giving lady. Lori and her husband Jimmy found themselves called to offer a ministry inside an assisted-living facility. They hadn’t a clue as to how to proceed with these residents, but trusted their faith would provide a northstar. Indeed it did. Instead of just preaching scripture, they involved themselves in the residents’ lives—becoming part of their extended family. They laughed and cried with them along the road and shared so many of their life milestones. And they were there to share an untimely milestone with Lori— she lost the love of her life, Jimmy, in 2014. I think you’ll find this book lively and fun, but perhaps most importantly, find it shows one can provide such a ministry. It is doable, and promises the ride of a lifetime.”— Johnny Kenehan, Emaginative Imaging