A trapper’s chronicle of the American fur trade 1822-1824

Backbone of the World

Volume I of the Temple Buck Quartet historical novel series

by Edward Louis Henry

The first western historical fiction book in  The Temple Buck Quartet that chronicles the rise and fall of the American fur trade. A coming-of-age story of the first two years of the American Rocky Mountain fur trade from 1822-24. It is told in his own words by Temple Buck, an Ohio-born lad whose rollicking tale begins with growing up in the Ohio wilderness, how he is kidnapped and taken aboard evil Mike Fink’s keelboat, is rescued by a beautiful St. Louis madam, and finally enlists in Ashley and Henry’s first expedition up the Missouri River to the beaver-rich Rockies and a wealth of adventure and undreamed-of new experiences. This painstakingly researched tale blends historical and fictional characters in a colorful tapestry of actual events spiced with bloody battles, Indian customs and characters, homespun humor, and earthy romance. Join Temple and his trapper friends on the beginning of their amazing journey into the unexplored and wild wilderness.

ISBN 978-0-9833164-3-5 • 6 x 9  paperback • 492 pgs • $26.95

About the Author


Edward Louis Henry has been a cowhand, saddle bronc rodeo rider, WWII infantry sergeant, reporter, U.S. Foreign Service officer and speechwriter, plus has spent 30 years in advertising. A lifelong horseman and outdoorsman, Henry is active in mountain man rendezvous where he is known by his mountain man moniker, Poredevil. Western history is his passion. His extensive research adds a strong dose of authenticity to his books. He is a member of Western Writers of America and the author of the Temple Buck Quartet and Poredevil’s Beaver Tales


BackboneWorldFinal“The plot and dialog have the ring of authenticity and from the outset the novel is an irresistible page-turner. Temple Buck has the spunk appropriate to a virile young adventurer. If you have enjoyed the fiction of Win Blevins and Terry Johnston, you will find a worthy continuation of the genre in Backbone of the World.”

— Eric Bye, Editor Muzzle Blast Magazine

“…Henry has produced a meticulously detailed saga of the Rocky Mountain fur trade… through the eyes of his heroic adventure-seeking protagonist, Temple Buck… Henry has a ribald sense of humor, an accurate ear for dialect, and a genuine gift for sparkling characterization…These books belong on the shelf of any fur trade buff; for pleasure reading and reference“
— Roundup Magazine

“… This is a novel, yes, but it is so absorbing that you’ll completely forget that it isn’t absolute fact….I recommend Backbone of the World very highly. I haven’t enjoyed a novel about the fur trade as much as this one in quite a while.”
— Mike NesbittMuzzleloader Magazine

“Henry is a raconteur extraordinaire and an accomplished wordsmith. It is a pleasure to read his tale of Temple Buck, a character who immediately incites a reader’s enthusiasm and affection. This is a fun book to read aloud with imaginative dialect, riveting narration and abundant description of a world that evokes nostalgia and romance.”
— K. Sebastian

“I have read Temple Buck’s adventures in all three books so far published. In fact I have read them twice because I enjoy them so much.There are very few novels written about the fur trade and none that I have enjoyed as much as Mr. Henry’s. For those readers who enjoy Terry C. Johnston and A.B Guthrie,Jr.,they will find Mr.Henry’s novel equal to or perhaps better than their favorites.”
—Bob Janes

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