Nikka is dying of cancer until a stranger offers her a cure in exchange for becoming a demon hunter

Angel Blade
Book 1

by Carrie Merrill

Nikka is dying of cancer until a stranger provides her with a cure, but it comes at a steep cost: she must become a Seraph, an angelic being with the power to exorcise and destroy demons. With Gideon, the stranger who introduced her to this life, she learns of the battle between Heaven and Hell and about the part she must play to fight the demon horde and destroy Abaddon, the Prince of Demons.
Then she meets Jason, a man with a troubled past who also brings the promise of a normal life, and his offer may be too good to let go.

ISBN 978-1-938985-94-2 • 6 x 9 paperback • 235 pgs • $16.95

“A book that keeps you engaged and wanting to read ‘just one more chapter’.” —Sheena, Amazon Reviewer
“. . . I was fascinated by the premise that a young girl is given the power to hunt demons in exchange for being cured of cancer. What a concept. We get to go a wild ride through the near death and new life of Nikka, novice demon hunter. It sounds crazy, such a simple phrase but, what an incredible read as we experience first hand what it is like for Nikka, learning to be a demon hunter. Merrill has an engaging style of writing that keeps you wanting to read on to the next chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent reading and am about to pick up the sequel.”—Keith1phx

“This was a really enjoyable read with great characters. Nikka was my —favourite character. At first, I thought this was gonna be a sloppy mushy read with her dying but then it turned out to be an exciting and an adventurous read. I just couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended.”  —S. Wallace, Amazon Reviewer

“Fast-paced with rich imagery.”—F. Howell