2075, and the safest place on Earth is a secretive island of aging yachts deep in the Equatorial Atlantic Ocean.

The Admiral

by James R. Gilbert

Set amid a reclusive community of aging yachts in mid-Atlantic, The Admiral is a swashbuckling tale of people riding out the holocaust on land caused by a risen sea, the effects of climate change and social collapse. The changes are still happening and Aqual, the scarred, tenacious granddaughter of The Admiral, founder of Akkadia, believes her people are becoming too complacent, too comfortable with their lives despite the ominous signs around them.
When she breaks all Akkadian law and custom and rescues the crew of a small sloop under attack by pirates, she sets in motion a chain of events that change forever her view of the world, and perhaps the course of human history. Accused of treason, she escapes her captivity to lead her tiny, outnumbered Akkadian navy in a furious sea-battle against a pirate armada. Her vindication ultimately comes, not from her extraordinary victory, but from the revelations of the sloop’s rescued crew about new perils from ongoing climate change. And she learns The Admiral had long ago foreseen the role she would play in his vision to rebuild a saner, wiser civilization atop the ruins of the old world.

ISBN 978-1-938985-4-16 • 6 x 9 pgs  • 345 pgs • $17.95

The Admiral Showcase

“Deep inside the aquatic landscape of our captivating seas Jim Gilbert takes us on a thrilling adventure; a story filled with awe and danger that weaves in the important fact of a rising and a changing sea. A story like this will inspire us all to protect our water planet and ultimately ourselves.”
—Jean-Michel Cousteau, Cinematographer, author, Founder  and Chairman of the Ocean Futures Society

“Gilbert writes about the sea and sailing in a way that provokes awe and admiration. His novel, The Admiral, is propelled by an unforgettable warrior woman, who leads a marooned people in their struggle to survive in a future determined by the implacable consequences of global warming.”
Paul Brodeur, former staff writer at The New Yorker and author of The Stunt Man and 10 other works of fiction and investigative journalism

“The Admiral is an adventure novel, with urgent moral consequences, about a perilous and costly future.  Gilbert writes about boats and the water so well that a reader sometimes seems to be staring at the same harbors and horizons as his characters.”
Alec Wilkinson, staff writer at The New Yorker and the author of The Ice Balloon and nine other works of literary journalism

“Master of ocean lore and master storyteller Jim Gilbert combines high adventure with deep thoughts in this provocative white-knuckle voyage into the future.”
Dr. Sylvia Earle, Explorer in Residence, National Geographic Society, Founder, Mission Blue, former Chief Scientist, NOAA

“Jim Gilbert’s first book is stunning. He vividly describes a future world after the catastrophic collapse of the ice sheets raises sea level — but not THAT far in the future. As the author of a scientific book about rising sea level, I was delighted to find that it is scientifically plausible. But the novel stands on its own, with good character development, setting up new social and political possibilities. Fascinating technologies to deal with the challenges after our current technologies fail. Suspenseful. One of those books that is hard to put down. Entertaining and enlightening.”
—J. Englander

Sit back and get ready for a post-apocolyptic ride that seems so feasible you begin to wonder if this is fiction or the forecast a magical clairvoyant sailor?”
—Capt. T. Kaufman

“The Admiral deserves a battlefield promotion. The plot is gripping, the characters are finely drawn, the action comes at a breakneck pace, and the dialogue is realistic and compelling.”
—A. Weinstein

“A scary look at a post-apocalyptic world, in which the only survivors are ocean-based colonies who must learn to trust one another to survive. It makes you think seriously about the consequences of global warming as well as the future of civilization. Great characters, plenty of action, a well-done sea battle, and moral imperatives to keep you reading!”—Michael de Angeli