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Today it rarely makes a difference where one’s headquarters is located. Thanks to amazing technology we work with people around the country and even around the world every day, just as if were all sharing cubicles next to one another.

Our design work comes from New York City, our production is handled in the South and Midwest, our editorial functions take place in the West and our distribution is global.

We stay current with the publishing technologies and marketing trends that are the latest on the web. Guess you could say we have our heads in the clouds.

Our primary goal is to help authors get published, whether with us, a traditional publisher or a do-it-yourself self-publishing company.

We are eco-friendly. Our books are printed on recycled paper and are print on demand and ebooks. No wasteful printing, warehousing or destruction of unsold books. Our staff is located in commute-free locations, therefore communication and collaboration on projects are done over the internet with the latest technology. Low overhead for us means savings for readers, more generous royalties for authors and a smaller energy footprint.

Over 40 years of publishing experience
We bring over 40 years of experience in all aspects of both trade and academic publishing. We know the traditional as well as the new paradigms and technologies and bring that knowledge to help you get published, as well as to publish books that are well-designed, well-edited, and a pleasure to read. 

Author run / Author friendly™
Besides having successfully shepherded scores of authors through the publishing process, Jeremy is an author as well. Having written several novels, he experienced the other side of publishing—the writer’s struggle to find an agent or a publisher and get published.  Realizing that there are many excellent writers who have been frustrated with trying to find an agent, and publisher, the query process and maybe even given up on seeing their hard work published, he formed Christopher Matthews Publishing and its Young Adult/New Adult imprint Soul Fire Press, specifically with those writers in mind.  After having his novel, overlooked by agents, he published the book through Christopher Matthews Publishing, and it has received excellent reviews. Our goal is to help talented writers see their work in print instead of giving up.

As Richard Bach said: “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”