An insightful story of overcoming adversity
to reach wholeness of spirit and self-love

Weigh the Wind
A Chronicle of Abuse, Survival and Insight

by Dianna Lyn

Written from daily journals, Weigh The Wind chronicles the author’s life story from unloved girl child to insightful adult woman. The journey winds through surviving a near honor killing at the hands of her ethnic farm parents to a storm of daily life with an alcoholic, drug addict and spousal abuser. An understanding emerges as to why a smart, professional woman becomes so susceptible. How difficult is it really to overcome ingrained childhood beliefs? What gifts do we possess to conquer our fears and internal critics? Self-discover where true love is and where it isn’t. The author’s intuitive path leads to consciousness, clarity and caring for self and others with an awakening and awareness of purpose for the bigger picture of our being on this planet.

ISBN 978-1-945146-16-9 • 6 x p .5 paperback • 504 pgs • $24.95

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