Witchcraft, magic, romance and the Angel of Death

The Conjurer

by Doug Christi 

U.S. Marshal Piquet must stop a serial killer nicknamed The Exterminator. He partners with long-time rival, FBI Agent Riddick. The case becomes a race against time when Piquet discovers the killer is the Angel of Death summoned by a conjurer who wants him dead. Enlisting the aid of  a forensic genius and a psychic,  Piquet must come to terms with his troubled past and break the fiendish spell before the Exterminator sends him to his grave. This is the first in the Marshal Piquet series, and will appeal to readers aged 17 and older interested in magic, witchcraft, psychic phenomenon and romance. There is enough magic for most fantasy readers, enough action to satisfy fans of Harlan Coben or Elmore Leonard, a sufficient body count to attract horror fans, and enough realism to suspend the doubt of anyone with an average measure of curiosity and imagination.

ISBN 978-0-9852431-5-9 • 6-x-9 paperback • 300 pgs. • $12.95

Cover design by Armen Kojoyian