Wedding tales of  hilarious things overheard by a Las Vegas minister.

Tales from the Wedding Altar

by Rev. James E. McNamara

When Rev. McNamara solemnly stood before wedding couples, he heard some outrageous things the guests never hear; like the bride saying to the groom,“I just felt the baby kick,” or the groom saying to the bride, “This tux is giving me a wedgie.”

“I have been performing weddings in Las Vegas for several years. There are things that I hear; things that I notice because prior to the ceremony, I am pretty much a wallflower and everyone feels comfortable speaking around someone they can’t see. There are petty things spoken between jealous women (and men!) There are secrets revealed by the father of the bride no one hears, and most importantly, standing in very close proximity to the wedding couple at the altar where the closest people are four feet away; the small whispers between the couple are priceless! Comments range from ‘You’re beautiful!’ to ‘I’m wearing the thong you bought me!’” —From the author

ISBN 978-1-938985-23-2 • 5 x 7 paperback • 144 pgs • $10.95