Savant showcase

Where do you graze when the grass on both sides of the fence is brown? 

Severely Savant

by Matthew Klingforth

Milton is an intelligent, albeit sarcastic person who, due to his physical appearances, is misdiagnosed with Down Syndrome.  Consistent with the socially ignored and disregarded, Milton is pulled through life by the scruff of his low self-esteem by those who would use this medical oops to their own evil ends.  First by his poor mother, who perpetuates the lie to advance her career and then later by the psychopath Billy, who uses Milton in his violent search for fame and glory.

Follow Milton as he documents with a comical and always opinionated perspective his bizarre existence and discovers how deeply buried beauty really is.

If you liked Confederacy of Dunces or Kurt Vonnegut, you will love this outrageous, over the top novel by an exciting new author.

ISBN 978-1-938985-85-0 • 6 x 9 paperback • 238 pgs • $14.99