When scandal threatens to ruin her reputation, a princess leaves her life behind in search of an adventure . . .

Book 2 of The Asterian Trilogy

by Sarah Fay Olson

It has been seventeen years since the Asterian Revolution, and all eyes are on Princess Aria and the long expected royal wedding. Having grown up in a world of royalty and wealth, Aria has been unable to imagine anything less than perfect for her life. But when an indiscretion threatens to ruin her reputation, the princess finds herself cast into a world of scandal.

As rumors and heartbreak threaten to destroy her, Aria journeys to a distant seaport and sets sail on a merchant ship, hoping the voyage will give her the freedom she craves. Though the ocean holds promises of adventure and intrigue, the world may be too small for a royal to truly disappear. With her family desperately searching the kingdoms for her, Aria finds herself surrounded by strangers and realizes that her brashness may have been a deadly mistake…

ISBN 978-1-945146-19-0 • 6 x9 paperback • 350 pgs • $16.95

About the author

CMPheadsofstateOlsonSarah Fay Olson
lives and writes in Florida. In her spare time, she enjoys reading young and new adult books whether they are dystopian, fantasy, adventure or romance. When she is not reading or writing, Sarah enjoys horseback riding, playing the violin, and watching movies. She is the author of The Asterian Trilogy Series the first two of which are Sapphire and Serpent.

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“A strangely addictive YA fantasy read. I really enjoyed Serpent!  …Once the journey got going, I was hooked. I’m a huge fan of fantasy, and traveling in fantasy always seems to be the most written about. This, at least, wasn’t a boring journey. We meet Roy, who I knew from the start was hiding something. I was a fan of him, although I wasn’t ever sure if I could really trust him. Aria, for someone who so recently had her heart broken (in a two-year long courtship!), seems to overcome her sadness quite quick. 
The end picks up the plot, and truths come to lightI enjoyed the dual PoVs, and thought they each had a strong internal and distinct voice. I liked how James cared for Aria even though she wasn’t his own by blood.  . . . I did enjoy this enough that I marked the first to read, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for the third. The author has a firm voice when writing.” —Candace Wondrak

Reviews of Sapphire, Book 1 of the Asterian Trilogy
SapphireFinal showcase

“… all the elements of a wonderful fairytale that include love, war, and mystery. I loved the detail from the castles to the dresses; I could picture it all as if it were a movie. It also has a sort of modern fairytale twist to it that I could relate to. It was nice to see a young strong heroine facing new challenges and not the typical “girl falls in love with a prince and they live happily ever after” theme that we’ve been reading about for years. This is a beautiful story that is beautifully told.”—MEL617, Amazon Review
 Girls will love this!  
“I think I would have loved to stumble over this book when I was fifteen or sixteen. The joy of going to balls and preparing for them! Girls love this kind of story because, let’s be honest, all of us wanted to be princesses and be invited to balls, dance all night and meet Prince Charming.”—Annan, Amazon Review
“If you’ve ever fallen in love with a fairy tale, this is one book you MUST read!
I found it very refreshing, and I loved the way the author explained Layla’s decision making process. Her strength, and the way she rose to the situation, made her SO much more realistic! I LOVED IT!”—Aditi Nichani,Reviewer,  AThousandWordsAMillion Books.com
The first chapter hooked me right away! A perfect blend of description that makes you fall into the story, dialogue that brings the characters alive and tension that leads you on!” —S.Wilde
“True love, fantasy and romance!”
“This story begins like a fairy tale set in a fantasy kingdom but quickly develops into an emotional journey. The elements of a great fantasy are there but are given a light touch while the author focuses on romance, true love and heartbreak.  All of which the reader will be easily swept up in!  The dynamics of Layla’s past are intricately written and give depth to both her character and the story.  This adds a richness to her characterization that makes Layla extremely admirable, although at times her stubbornness can exasperate the reader.  While the story’s ending is somewhat predictable, there is plenty of adventure with a tender romance that develops and adds to the hope that both Layla and the story will inspire.”—Margaret Faria, InD’Tale Magazine
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