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A world reduced to anarchy in the wake of a climatic disaster, discards its last chance for salvation.

Rising Tide
Book 1 in The Rising Tide Series

by Lynn Steigleder

Rising Tide depicts a world in which land is at a premium due to the advancing sea, where man’s attempt to adapt has led to a decay of morals into survival of the fittest. In the midst of the ocean, a crew of racketeers rescues a stranded diver, Ben Adams. Is the rescue just a fortunate coincidence for Ben, or has he been led to this rendezvous with fate for a common goal? A mysterious island inhabited by a primitive yet advanced race of people. A devious ship captain’s metamorphosis into the essence of evil and a ship’s container discovered by itself in a billion square miles of ocean all play a role in this tale of rebirth for a world corrupted by the collapse of morality.

ISBN 978-1-938985-77-5• 6 x 9 paperback • 324 pgs • $16.95