Hilarious—Bigfoot, Swedish blonde aliens and a town of crazy characters

Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like A Bigfoot Babe

by Simon Okill

The Northern California town of Big Beaver has become a haven for Bigfoot, alien sightings and is home to The Phantom Bigfoot Bather. It’s a town full of lovable misfits and crazies in search of the illusive Bigfoot and a forest full of Bigfoot girls who just wanna have fun. One particularly weird Beaverite, Duane, has kept the Bigfoot a secret, but to his utter dismay, a female Bigfoot abducts a teenager. Duane must use all his guile to stop his secret from getting out, especially now that MB, his close friend and crypto-zoologist, is on the trail, along with Sheriff Lou and the FBI. Can Duane keep his Bigfoot friends a secret? And what does MB discover deep in the forest?

ISBN 978-1-938985-03-4 • 5.5 x 8.5 paperback • 292 pgs • $15.95

Cover design by Armen Kojoyian