Niobrara's Thorn by Patrick E. Douglas

A heart-rending tale inspired by a true story of child abuse and struggle for survival

Niobrara’s Thorn

by Patrick E. Douglas

Jason Thorn is a filthy and unwanted 13-year-old with a bleak future. He’s been pulled from school for good and is kept prisoner in the family basement with his dog when a wicked storm hits his tiny hometown of Niobrara. Already adept at enduring situations most 13-year-olds wouldn’t be able to comprehend, Jason must survive the onslaught of flood waters and devastation that has destroyed his town. To do so, he’ll rely on three unexpected friends who encourage him along the way. This is a tale aimed at readers 13 and up that tackles the ever-present problem of child abuse and how easy it can be for some children to slip through the cracks if people tune them out.

ISBN  978-1-938985-1-19 • 5 x 8 paperback • 268 pgs • $15.95

Cover design by Armen Kojoyian


“. . . Do not deny yourself this book. You will be talking about it & thinking about it for weeks.”