Worse than peeling an onion, one look at Katherine and that girl’s face and his eyes were stinging like hell.

Lies of Gold
by Jan Selbourne

Their love affair ended in anger and painful consequences. Lady Katherine Ashford has guarded a secret through years of abuse. Fighting wars and hard living has numbed Julian Ashford. Then fate steps in. A traitor is smuggling gold across the Channel to Napoleon Bonaparte and Julian is ordered back to Halton Hall and Katherine. It’s her secret and the increasing danger that rekindle the love they once shared, then a murder reveals the shocking truth of the gold smuggling. However, nothing could prepare them for the devastating betrayal when they finally face the mastermind behind this sordid operation.

ISBN 978-1-945146-26-8 • 6 x p .5 paperback • 344 pgs • $21.95

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