The fur trappers push farther west, but now as free men

Free Men

Volume II of the Temple Buck Quartet 1824 — 1826

by Edward Henry Louis

In this, the second volume of the Temple Buck Quartet, Temple chronicles the exploits of his rowdy trapper companions in the American Rocky Mountain fur trade from 1824—1826. The men decide to become free agents rather than being tied to one company and feel even greater pride in their new status as well as their reputation for courage and an adventurous spirit. They push ever farther west in their quest for beaver pelts, exploring new country and encountering fresh adventures, some of them welcome, others not at all. This well-researched tale blends historical and fictional characters against a colorful backdrop of actual events flavored with gory battles with hostile Indians, homespun humor, and earthy romance, culminating in Temple’s disappointing return to his Ohio birthplace. You are cordially invited to join Temple and his fellow trappers, the only truly free men in all of history.

ISBN 978-0-9837225-4-0 • 6 x 9 paperback • 394 pgs • $26.95