TimeTrust showcase

A compelling story by an author who is suddenly cast into a future over 900 years from now.

Ever-Life: Time Trust

by Andrew Sarkady

The follow up to Ever-Life: The CPT Incident, Time Trust is the compelling journey of how the author traveled to the future. In the year 2999, surface Earth does not have the most advanced technology. Ever-Life does. This healthcare based society, deep within planet Earth, uses genetic technology and discovery to conquer disease, prolong life and provide well-being to its inhabitants. And they have evolved to a great extent, by nurturing a synergistic relationship with underworld creatures, the Carriers, who hold the secret to time travel. At the Brock/Swanson Research Complex, above Ever-Life, Dr Jack Sheldon has written a treatise proving time travel is possible using the subatomic highway called the Sidron. Power hungry billionaire, Marion Brock, devises a brilliant cunning plan to steal Jack’s treatise and his CPT-Chemical Personality Transfer; and then he tries to change events in time, so he can take over Ever-Life and Earth’s global economy. Time Trust captures the reader with one twist after another, taking us on a non-stop thrill ride, finally revealing how one person really did travel in time.

ISBN 9781938985652 • 6 x 9 paperback • 265 pgs • $16.95