A special agent in a dystopian future ignores the system that raised him and risks everything for an opportunity to live and be loved.

The Dark
Book 1 in the Division 53 Series

by E. M. Johnson

While pursuing a knowledgeable, evasive target, Malkarai ends up in Cavington, a politically neutral town that is partially seceded from the greater United States—a place where agents aren’t always allowed and mutants like him are never welcome. This only proves to be a problem when he runs into Satyrna after apprehending a thief. Wanting to repay him for his help, she forces her friendship on the stranger to help him avoid the prejudice of the locals but ends up causing an avalanche of problems she never foresaw. Book 1 in the dystopian Division 53 Series.

ISBN 9781938985751 • 6 x 9 paperback • 500 pgs • $22.95

In a dystopian future where blades are the dominant weapon, the economy is down, the U.S. is fragmented due to minor secessions and dangerous criminals call for a stronger arm of law enforcement; a system of skilled, handcrafted agents exists to protect the innocent and defenseless. Their methods are effective but harsh, so Division 53 of Homeland Security is a hidden sector, and the members of the American Security Association are separated from civilians.This series is about people who belong to and are affected by Division 53 in their daily lives. Some thrive in this system, some reject it, and others have been harmed by it. One fact is always the same though: they cannot escape it.

About the author

EM Thomas HeadshotE. M. Johnson
 has been writing since she was in grade school. She enjoys fantasy, science fiction, the supernatural, the wilderness, history, action, adventure, romance, and adores stories that combine a little bit of all these elements. She lives in Iowa with her husband, daughter, and their jumpy rabbit.

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