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A light-hearted tale of Indian casinos, politics, mob influence, celebrity culture and the decline of the American university

Coyote Point Casino

by Rick Zalon

The saga of Jim McBride, a feckless adjunct professor who, faced with the elimination of his teaching position, conveniently rediscovers his tribal ancestry and secures an endowed chair in his university’s Native American Studies program. With the encouragement of program director Billy Littlefeather—a Brooklyn-born Italian-American former bit player in TV westerns passing himself off as a full-blooded Sioux—McBride becomes deeply involved in efforts to restore federal recognition of his Northern California tribe so that it can act as a front for Littlefeather’s shady casino developer associates. In the process, he gets entangled in local and academic politics, involved in a steamy affair with a faded child star who latches on to trendy causes to resurrect her career, confronts seriously conflicted progressive activists on both sides of the issue, mob pressure, murder and has to deal with the implications of a significant archaeological find that threatens to derail the entire enterprise.

ISBN 978-1-938985-27-0 • 6 x 9 paperback • 332 pgs • $15.95


Cover design by Armen Kojoyian