Book marketing opportunities on Goodreads

    Publicist Allison O’Leary recently posted a blog, “Goodreads — So Many Opportunities, So Little Time”  giving writers some sound advice on using Goodreads in their marketing mix. As she puts it, “consider this — with 20 million users (last year’s number) the potential is staggering. For the same reason, it’s intimidating. You hear that being […]

Even JK Rowling needs a good publicist

The following is a guest post by book publicist, Alison O’Leary. If you’re not JK Rowling, there’s work to be done If your book received “withering reviews’ that included an assessment like, “so willfully banal, so depressingly clichéd” you’d never sell any copies, right? Unfortunately, writers with gold-plated names like JK Rowling can overcome such […]


If you thought writing your book was tough, wait until you try to get published! The truth is publishers and agents are very risk averse. They get hundreds of submissions, and their first priority is to look for reasons to reject a manuscript .  They have plenty to choose from, so as soon as they […]