What is the difference between a hybrid publisher and a self publisher or traditional publisher?

Hybrid publishers are an emerging breed of experienced publishers who are an alternative to traditional publishing or self-publishing. Traditional publishing generally requires having an agent; and both agents and traditional publishing houses are extremely hard to break into because they select very few of the manuscripts submitted to them, especially if they are written by […]

What’s the theme of your story?

In her recent series of posts on theme, C.S. Lakin explores the importance of theme in your writing. She says,“without theme, plot is just a string of scenes, with little purpose. And although such a collection of scenes could be exciting to read, theme takes that plot to a much higher level and ultimately gives […]

Book marketing opportunities on Goodreads

    Publicist Allison O’Leary recently posted a blog, “Goodreads — So Many Opportunities, So Little Time”  giving writers some sound advice on using Goodreads in their marketing mix. As she puts it, “consider this — with 20 million users (last year’s number) the potential is staggering. For the same reason, it’s intimidating. You hear that being […]