12 Tips for Selling Books at Book Fairs and Conventions

The following article by Terry Cordingley contains great information for anyone planning on exhibiting their books. The 12 Commandments of Selling Books at Book Fairs, Conventions, and Festivals 1. Register for the event as early as possible. • Contact the event organizer. • Find out the cost of the booth or registration. • Register for the […]

Why Authors Are Turning to the Hybrid Publishing Alternative

Following is a reprinted article by David Thalberg from Bookstr.com about hybrid publishing Why Authors Are Turning to the Hybrid Publishing Alternative Hybrid: /hīˌbrid/ Defined by Google as: “a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture.” That’s the second definition. The first is: “the offspring of two plants or animals of different species […]

What Do I Do After Tate Publishing’s Closing? A Self-Publishing Caveat

If you are one of the authors who was affected by the shutdown of Tate Publishing in January or are one of the many authors disappointed by having published their book with a self-publishing company, I feel your pain. Over the past several years, writers have been led to believe that self-publishing was the answer to their prayers […]