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You never think
the secret will be about you!

The Angelnots

by Elise Pehrson

Anyone around the snug village of Bizi-Herri might pass it by upon first glance. However, this quaint hometown of Olivia and Alazné Zubiondo is far from ordinary, and one day, they find out why first-hand.
When a curse afflicts Alazné, Olivia must find a way to stop it. As she searches for answers, more problems surface and she finds herself uncovering secrets kept hidden away from the world—secrets meant to come out by nature but were concealed by man. Now, Olivia must figure out how to save her sister, her people and the dimensions intertwined with her fate.

ISBN 978–1-938985-67-6 • 6 x 9 paperback • 246 pgs • $17.95